Hey, I'm Dan.

I'm a developer, sysadmin, security guy, and Linux generalist.

Work & Profession

My passion is for putting the "work" in "network." I love building systems that people are excited to use - from that magical single set of credentials to full network visibility for administrators. I strive to create the tools that give administrators confidence that their network is secure, always available, and perfectly balanced between control and simplicity.

Currently I'm working with the Advanced Research Team at Datto, solving tough technical challenges and making our products more advanced than anything else out there. Some of my projects are Datto's remote access system that serves over 3,000 simultaneous users on a daily basis, and the cloud based virtualization and file recovery platforms.

Personal projects include an extensive single sign-on setup at my home, with a home-brewed, fully integrated captive portal and asset management UI, modifications to FreeRADIUS to support MSCHAPv2 authentication, and more. I'm all about finding new ways to tie strong security with a smooth user experience.

I'm also a subject matter expert in NSIS, a widely used open source software installation toolkit, with over 10 years of experience developing highly specialized installers for Windows.


I play progressive and neo-classical metal on keys, but also am trying to catch up on the classical repertoire I largely abandoned as a kid. Current projects are mostly Beethoven's big three (Pathetique, Moonlight and Waldstein) but I hope to move into more modern compositions in the future.

Meanwhile I am also involved with the awesome worship team at Sanctuary at Black Rock.

I've covered a bunch of metal songs on piano. Check out my YouTube channel to see them. Most of my newer stuff is produced in my (relatively humble) home studio.

Backyard Mechanic

I own two cars, a 2009 Mazdaspeed 3 and a 2002 Volkswagen GTI.

The Mazdaspeed 3, in Metropolitan Gray Mica, is my daily driver. The car is largely stock but with those few small enhancements that bring the peppy little motor in that thing to life: the Stage 2 intake and rear motor mount from Corksport, and a TWM short shift kit. I also designed a custom sound system, using components from Alpine and Infinity, that emphasizes quality over quantity.

The GTI is a super-unique project car I took over from a friend. When I bought it, it ran (poorly) but that didn't last long - three months into owning the car, the timing skipped and all the exhaust valves got bent. So I had to put the car aside for a while. An ambitious rebuild using better-quality, higher-performance parts is currently underway. The car runs and drives, but I'm not going to stop there. My future vision for this car is an E85-powered track monster with secret powers as an abominable snowmobile.

Let's get in touch.

You may reach me via email at dan@fuhry.com.

I am also available via social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Reddit.

PGP key ID: 0xC0B94A99 (keybase, transition statement)