4 Sep 2012

Just to clarify my position on blogging for hire

I just wanted to respond publicly to two e-mails I received four hours apart from each other this morning.

Unlike a certain Eve Pearce or Henry Thompson (links provided so you can avoid their sites in the future), this blog and the space on it are not for sale. If I post about a product I like on here, I will usually be nice enough to link to the product manufacturer’s website; however, I have never, and will never, accept any money or other compensation whatsoever in exchange for posting (potentially) dishonest reviews or otherwise turning my blog into a commercial.

This unethical advertising practice disgusts me.

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28 Oct 2012

While I personally find that it’s more or less easy to tell when you’re reading content that was designed as an advertisement, you can see why your writing style is lucrative to these individuals. You are really good at pointing out which products you use for what, and you mostly stick to the pros of such because (and this is funny) your blog is not for product reviews.

Regardless, goes to show how far some advertisers will go in terms of promoting their product. While posting fake product reviews on a blog seems farfetched to me, you can see why it would be done. Still pretty ridiculous.

October 28th, 2012 at 3:47 am

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