My employment is currently with an awesome startup, Datto Inc., based in Norwalk, CT. I started there in March of 2011 as an intern on co-op from RIT, and joined them in June of 2013 as a full-time developer after graduating from RIT.

When I joined, they had just over 20 employees, 2 of whom (the CEO and CTO) were writing all of the code for the entire system. I took over the majority of the CEO's coding responsibilities, enabling him to pour his efforts into touring around to trade shows and otherwise promoting the company.

It worked. Datto has now earned its way into the 38th position on Inc 500's "fastest growing private companies" list. That makes Datto the 38th fastest growing privately held company in the country. Naturally, I take a lot of pride in the role I played to help Datto achieve that, and I greatly enjoy contributing to Datto's R&D efforts to enable us to increase our size and reliability even more.

Today, I'm part of the Advanced Research Group, a small team of Datto employees who are tasked with solving the toughest technical challenges faced by our new product ideas.

Depending on free time (work and my personal life are generally treated as high priorities), I may be able to help you out with your website, network design, system security, security policy, wireless deployment, et cetera. Feel free to throw your ideas at me and we can work out a quote and project plan.1

I may, however, frequent certain subreddits in search of Datto related requests.2

  1. Due to obligations with Datto, I cannot and will not design a backup solution for your small business. 

  2. Please see the disclaimer