Hey, I'm Dan.

I'm a developer, sysadmin, security guy, and Linux generalist.

Work & Profession

My career has ranged from small startups to mid-size enterprises; I'm not really a FAANG type. My skill set revolves around my rapid, yet methodical, iterative problem solving process and my agility at a Linux shell. Everything sort of builds on that: networking, systems, scale, protocols, security. If you can quickly solve problems and absorb new concepts, all of these things come easily.

I'm currently a Site Reliability Engineer working on the Traffic team at Dropbox.


I'm a classically trained pianist with an affinity for progressive rock and metal. On stage I'm confident, expressive and extremely dynamic.

Check out my YouTube channel for some examples of live and studio performances, and contact me if you're interested in having me as a guest or regular live musician.


My taste in cars is unabashedly weird, yet intentional. My current "small/medium/large" lineup consists of two MX-5s, a Mk3 Focus RS and a GMT800 Silverado 2500HD.

I love wrenching and have experience with engine building, tuning using Megasquirt EFI, custom wiring and all aspects of routine maintenance. I have a car buying guide in the works too.

Volunteering & A Greater Good

It started out with my parents basically forcing me to help them in the Sunday School class they taught, but in the past 10 years I've seen firsthand the tremendous impact that sound, stable mentorship can have in the lives of kids and teens.

As a mentor, I try to draw out and amplify the natural curiosity that kids have, helping them build self esteem and confidence. I don't dismiss any question as too trivial, and I make sure that every child in my care has agency and dignity.

My dream in life is to see the end of illiteracy and poverty in Bridgeport, and it's been a privilege to partner with organizations such as Urban Impact that are making huge strides toward that goal.

Let's get in touch.

You may reach me via email at dan@fuhry.com.

I am also available via social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Reddit.

PGP key ID: 0xC0B94A99 (keybase, transition statement)