About Layna

Layna is my better half. We met in October 2017 and got engaged in March 2019, with plans to marry in autumn 2020.

Layna and I have a shared passion for reaching vulnerable youth, creative food, delicious craft beer, freshly roasted coffee, dumb memes and making the world a better place. But there's no singular blurb I could write that fully encompasses who she is, and it's honestly breathtaking watching her in her element with people and social situations. Situations that would be a tall feat for me, a pale awkward nerd.

She's currently working on her undergrad at Norwalk Community College in preparation for a master's at UConn for social work; she plans to devote her career to serving teenage and underprivileged mothers and their kids. Concurrently she's working at Lorca, a third wave coffee bar in Stamford, where she pulls some really damn good shots.

Spoiler: none of 'em are as good as the pourovers she makes for us on Saturday mornings, and you can't have them. >:)