Early life

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio in early 1991, and lived in the Cleveland area for my full childhood.

For most of those years I was homeschooled, but when I was 16, halfway through 10th grade, I switched to a local private high school.


I attended Rochester Institute of Technology for a B.S. in Information Security and Forensics. At RIT I was involved with several student clubs and organizations including Computer Science House, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and the RIT Linux Users' Group.


After graduating from RIT and spending two weeks wandering around Australia and New Zealand just for the fun of it, I spent the first five and a half years of my professional career at Datto, then left to join a much smaller startup, Zorus, founded by ex-Dattoers.

In September 2020, I left Zorus for ███████, which is sure to be a new and interesting adventure. Stay tuned for more! :)